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Unleashing the Potential of Energy Storage

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory offers numerous resources, facilities, and experts focused on bringing in the next era of sustainable technology.

Our Vision

The new SLAC-Stanford Battery Center creates a generational opportunity enabling translational research in electrochemical science and technology bridging across fundamental science to deployment. The center aims to leverage combined strengths of a top-tier university, a premier national laboratory and the innovation and entrepreneurial activity in silicon valley to foster speed, scale and impact thereby accelerating battery and energy storage technologies as part of energy transition for addressing global climate change.

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Battery Informatics Lab, Arillaga Science Center

SLAC-Stanford Battery Center Goes Live


The launch event of the SLAC-Stanford Battery Center brought together a vibrant gathering of researchers, industry leaders, and forward-thinking individuals united in their commitment to building a sustainable future. With a resounding spirit of collaboration, the event took a giant leap aimed at closing the gap between cutting-edge research and industry expertise, fostering an atmosphere of hope and optimism as they jointly paved the way towards a greener and more sustainable world powered by innovative battery technologies

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